Jen approaches massage therapy as a dynamic exchange between the practitioner and receiver that guides and empowers the body, with the help of the mind and soul, to tap into the resources it possesses to heal itself. Her passion for healing through touch began at a young age and was informed by her years as a dancer and yogi, grounding her in a body capable of athletic performance and self-healing. The wonder she felt as a student of neuroscience in learning the myriad ways the brain and body were capable of adapting to change and assisting one another in healing from stress and injury impelled her to attend and graduate from the Swedish Institute in order to share this sense of deep appreciation for and knowledge of the amazing bodies we were given. Jen utilizes Swedish strokes, along with perceptive deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and myofascial stretching techniques to reduce chronic pain and guide your body towards a state of pain free well-being. She works with her clients to educate them on the best ways to correct postural and functional imbalances and to engage in informed self-care. Each client is special to her, and she is both honored and humbled to be trusted to be a part of their journey towards living fully and joyfully in their bodies, and to assist them in caring for something so wonderful.