Moon Cycle Massage


Become BFFs with your period.

60 min, $140 | 90 min $185

Press Flow: The PRESS Modern Massage designed for anyone with a monthly menstrual cycle, this massage focuses on the neck, shoulders and deep lower back work. Aimed to alleviate the symptoms of the monthly menstrual cycle, a deep heat pack of organic flax and lavender can be applied where you need it, to your lower back or abdomen to reduce cramps. Rose Geranium oil used in Ayurvedic medicine for hormone-balancing properties, and organic raspberry leaf tea is available for extra menstrual support. Experience the moon-cycle massage that has Women’s Health Magazine raving:


How We Impress

  • Adjustable table warmers for cozy comfort

  • Soft flannel sheets, extra pillows & blankets and lavender eye pillows

  • A percentage of the proceeds of PRESS Flow are donated to help women in need of sanitary supplies

  • Press Play on our tunes. We leave out the waterfalls & bird calls

Customized Care.jpg

Customized Care

Start your session at PRESS with a thorough intake form and a convo with your therapist so the treatment is tailor-made just for you.


Advanced Techniques

You are never charged extra for advanced techniques like deep tissue or trigger point therapy.

Know How.jpg

Helpful Know-How

You walk away with helpful tips for at-home stretches and exercises to keep up with your self care after you leave the studio.

Take Time.jpg

Take Your Time

You get to relax into a full hour or more of hands-on time. Our therapists are never booked back-to-back.


Prep for your Press

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your massage

  • Come in feeling comfortable – eat healthfully on the day of your appointment

  • Arrive ten minutes early, to start the relaxation process and discuss with your therapist any goals you have for the session (for example, greater flexibility, less tension, headache relief) and specify areas you’d like to focus on

  • Let your therapist know about any medical conditions, or anything you feel is important to the session, and feel free to ask questions

  • Insurance-friendly receipts are available upon request. Check your eligibility with your insurance provider


“I felt so much better and lighter for the rest of my cycle”