When you refer your friends, they’ll get $20 off their first massage and you’ll get a $10 credit. Sweet!

Step 1: Register Based on Your Preferred Location

Use the same email that was used to schedule your appointment. You will be directed to your personal rewards center!


PRESS Williamsburg







Step 2: Send Out Your Referral Link

From your personal rewards center, you can send invites to up to 25 friends, which includes a $20 off coupon for first-time clients.


You can also use your unique referral link (found under "Your Share Link") to email or text to your friends. New clients have 2 months to redeem the offer by booking through your link.



Step 3: Take $10 Off Your Next Massage!

Every time a new client books a massage through your link, you receive a $10 credit!*

No need to track these yourself. As long as the new client books an appointment through the link sent in their email, your referral rewards will automatically be applied to your profile.

Step 4.png

*(1x) $10 reward can be applied per massage at a time. Referred client must redeem, not just schedule, a massage in order for the $10 reward to be applied. Offer cannot be combined with additional rewards, promotions, coupons, or packages.