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Ready to feel so much better?


When you live a modern lifestyle, you have modern aches and pains.

Your neck hurts from texting. Your back and shoulders are stiff from sitting at a desk. Not to mention the stress you feel from trying to fit in all in. We understand.

At PRESS, we provide and apply the pressure you want right where you need it.

We’re not the sort to just rub oil on - in fact we don’t do wraps or scrubs or potions - we just give the very best massage of your life, backed by science. Our goal is to help you experience greater flexibility and freedom of movement.. and take a break from your stress. We explore each body, discover the root cause of what’s going on and tailor the session to meet your needs. Every. Single. Time.

Our PRESS Massage Therapists are trained for 2019, because modern injuries need modern massage.

Massages for Every(body)

Press Pause

Sore muscles? Press Pause is a blend of orthopedic deep tissue and relaxing swedish massage, designed to help you feel a lot better. You'll be glad you tried it!

60 Min, $130 | 90 Min, $170

Press Focus

For when you only want the essentials: back, neck and shoulders. This session helps alleviate the pain of tension headaches, office ailments, and sports injuries.

60 Min, $130 | 90 Min, $170

Press Flow

Period cramps got you down? This Moon-cycle massage helps lower back pain, reduces abdominal cramps, & supports hormonal balance during your time of the month.

60 Min, $140 | 90 Min, $185

Press Mama

Our Prenatal and Post-Natal massage helps to release lower back pain, addresses neck & shoulder tension, and can work to to reduce swelling during pregnancy.

60 Min, $140 | 90 Min, $185


Press Modern Massage: Locations


PRESS Massage Williamsburg

(917) 538-6560

169 Wythe Ave #202 Brooklyn


PRESS Massage Greenpoint

(347) 844-9177

37 Greenpoint Ave #217 Brooklyn


PRESS Massage Dumbo

(914) 847-0166

68 Jay St Suite #609 Brooklyn



(718) 255-1821

5-14 51st Avenue #2

Long Island City

Clients who’ve made Press blush..

“I entered nervous that massage might injure me further, and I left with full use of my body again. I'm writing this the next day and cannot believe how whole I feel!  PRESS has really taken massage to another level. I cannot recommend this business more highly.:

“I love that massages are designed around your personal needs, not selected from a pre-existing menu. I came out feeling free of all tension I’ve carried in my back and shoulders and she really worked on the tightness in my legs from training for a half marathon. The massage felt like a session of physical therapy and relaxation combined.”

“I got a great prenatal massage last week. I actually fell asleep during the last half of it. As a mother of a 2 yr old and being a nurse on my feet for 13 hrs during my shift I would have gladly paid extra to have slept a little longer! When I did wake up at the end I felt very relaxed and the aches in my lower back were gone.”

“If you’re wondering if massage is really THAT important, the answer is a resounding YES! Your whole body NEEDS this studio.”





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"I love to have massages, I think it's really important to relax.”


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